Sonisphere Does Rocky Horror Record

August 7, 2010 at 9:56 pm (Sonisphere) ()

Guy in Gold Pants first night Sonisphere Rocky Horror theme!

It kicked off with Rocky Horror. I am not sure the Americans get this, as Keri Kelli had said, a month previous, “What is that.” To which Alice’s manager had said oh yes those English like to dress up funny.

And yes its true we do like to dress up funny. Men like to any excuse to wear ladies undies and women like to any excuse to wear just undies. The big screens buzzed into life with the wedding scene from the Rocky Horror show and the audience screamed into life with appreciation or as the I should say in true Rocky Horror speak anticipaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………………….tion. The stage filled with those dressed up soles. And as Brad exclaimed damn it Janet the audience jumped and screamed as only us Brits can. As Brad and Janet found their car had broken down so the audience responded with sound effects and line thrown! Janet ….. “Slag”. And all the other classic retorts.

And the as the familiar, for those of us who have seen it a million times, yes in full fancy dress in out pasts, bars rang out they announce that it was a world record attempt Time Warp……

And that was it we will all Remember doing the Time Warp at Sonsiphere 2010.

Some brave individuals filled the stage in full costume and Time Warped for Britain. With a bit of a Time flip we were in to a time slip and that was it for the weekend, vodka, Redbull, Jack Daniels, and a haze of loud music and crazy stuff filled the weekend. Let’s do the Time Warp again! And time meant nothing never will again!

They never told us if we achieved the record. Does any one know where I we did? It would be my second record as I attended Trafalgar Square for The Most People Doing the House Hoofs Clip Clop Sound with Coconut Shells from Monty Python record a few years ago.

Then they announce “Sonisphere is Officially Open”. Queue everyone to go crazy.


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