Holly’s view of Delain

August 10, 2010 at 10:30 pm (Sonisphere) (, , , , , , , )

Crushed on the barrier and chatting to the random strangers squashed up against me is an interesting way to pass the time. By this time everyone is so close you can tell exactly what mood the guys are in! Swigging vodka and Redbull from a plastic bottle and hoping it wont rain, I am such a classy girl.

The only thing I knew about the next band was that they were called Delain and that was only because they the name was across the back of the stage in six foot high letters. Luckily the guy next to me knew all about them and the guy behind well he was totally in love with them or at least one of them I believe.

Then they bounced on the stage. My best friend, big on guitarists nearly passed out over how cute the lead guitarist was.

“Oh god he is gorgeous” she exclaimed.

Me being a sucker for really evil guys who look like they have just checked their pitch fork at the door on their way outta hell was staring straight at the keyboard player and I exclaimed back to her, “Oh no he looks evil!”

She sighed, as well as you can in a crush situation, stared up and said, “No I mean the guitarist.”

Then the lead singer ran out on stage and well the guy behind me, lets just say he got really excited. He was yelling, “Charlotte I love you, I love you.”

Charlotte’s voice exploded thought the festival, this was an opening act I had not expected. Delain is a mix of Gothic Rock and the most haunting voice and lyrics I had ever heard.

The opening bars to April Rain go right thorough you, in a good way, and Charlotte’s voice is so atmospheric, not in a weather way. The song is amazing and we bumped into Charlotte in the bar afterwards and she is not only fantastic looking, has an amazing voice but also is a really nice genuine person and her and the Delain team are a really good laugh. But that is a whole nother post sometime.

While, we were stood spellbound by the music and totally amazing guys leaping around the stage hanging on to their …………instruments. The guy behind us still yelling I love you, if anyone reading this knows Charlotte please, for all his effort and shouting himself horse, please tell her he loves her, whoever he may have been, sorry we did not get a name.

I have since bought April Rain and Lucitidy. I am told if I like them I should listen to something called Within Temptation but I have enough new music to keep me going for now.

I have to say that at the end I did say, the guy on the keyboards has a rally evil look and I did expect him to sprout horns any minute and turn into Satan, or is that just my wishful thinking as I am Holly from Hell!

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  1. Hannah said,

    That wasn’t the naame of my website! I am shit with music post seventies, haven’t been to Glastonbury since it was a hippy festival but now I want to know more. Keep writing

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