I Love Blaas Of Glory Glam Rock At Its Best

August 11, 2010 at 10:09 pm (Sonisphere) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Drinking Jack and coke seems appropriate while writing about these guys cos they look like they might be Jack drinkers as they are definately hard rockers and metal heads.

I am not sure where these guys have been keeping themselves but I have never seen them before so I was a little confused when they first marched across the front of the Saturn stage on Friday night at Sonisphere, were they an act or just some brave guys in fancy dress. 

But they were total professionals, Blaas of Glory is glam rock at its total best, with renditions of the Final Count Down, which was very close to being better than the Europe version, as it was so funny with the fact that it was played perfectly on a banjo, an accordion, a couple of drums (one on a stand which they carry about but he does kinda get stuck behind with it but his solos was ace), a xylophone very small electric guitar with a mini amp and an acoustic guitar. Beat that Joey Tempest.

But the best part about this band has to be there trousers. Trousers that leave nothing to the imagination! And I mean nothing! As my best friend pointed out, as one of them came to stand between us and the stage to watch Europe perform the Final Countdown I guess he was comparing acts and taking notes, he either had a can of Redbull stashed in them or we need to spend more time in The Netherlands.  That guy was packing it! Thing with the trousers is that they were snake skin print, spay on and showed every lump and like a something you really should not stare at and you know you should look away, I just found myself keeping staring at the trousers. They were fantastic.  Blaas tell me via Twitter that they come from the same area as Delain in The Netherlands, that must be a great place, I want to go there, what a cool place it must be.  🙂

Blaas of Glory are totally mad but very talented, I imagine they are all very serious people during the week but at weekends and evenings they stop doing whatever the serious things are that they do during the week and spray on those trousers, grab their instruments, wigs and crazy jackets and appear at a festival somewhere in the world.  Love their life. 

Enter Sandman was a master piece outside the Jagermeister stage.  This also shows my point about the trousers very well. They even had their own headbanging crowd.  It has to be seen to be believed:

This is one band I am definitely going to see again. I will be booking my ticket for Sonisphere 2011 just to see them.

The back of Blaas Of Glory as they march passed Europe.


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