Tits Before Maiden

August 12, 2010 at 6:16 pm (Sonisphere) (, , , , , , , , )

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Squashed well into some guys sweaty armpit, disadvantaged by my height four rows from the stage it was Sunday evening almost Iron Maiden time. Everyone was so well compacted together that if your arms were up that’s where they were staying there was not room to get them back down by your sides, not that I needed to. Voluntary movements were no longer a choice, if the guys around me moved and the crowd decided to surge forward then so did I. So soaked through with a mixture of mine and everyone else’s sweat I waited.

Team Sonisphere put up a note on the stage boards along the lines of ‘Please take your flags down or move to the side’. It would be easier for people to walk through concrete than more in that crowd.

Lots of people had started crowd surfing, so it was foot, butt and other choice body parts in the face time. Luckily I have my hands up with no where else to put them, managed to save a few unpleasant or maybe pleasant moments.

Loads of people were then jumping on each others shoulders to see I don’t know what, then one of these people really caught the crowds and the security guys attention. She jump on some guys shoulders and started offering to the crowd that she would take her top off. I have never seen so many men’s attention drawn so quickly, not even when Maiden came on stage.

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And she did it and she took her top off! And that was it the guys in the vicinity forgot about Maiden and as she put it back on they called for her to take it off again. The security guards forgot their jobs and stood open mouths only moving to try to get a better look. She was brilliant, very entertaining watching the guys ogle her in amazement and while I am not really entertained by tits its always entertaining to watch the situation. I only wish I was that brave and had the assets to show off that she had. When she got down there were disappointed cries from the crowd and the security guys.

Festival Flags were going nowhere!They can ask but have they tried moving anywhere or anything in that crowd!

They want to try moving anywhere or anything in that crowd!


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  1. ak said,

    niceeeee…i wanna b thr bcoz of ur blog n images specially

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