Iron Maiden Day At Sonisphere Otherwise Known As Sunday

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After thirty five years they still got it.  Standing down the front of the crowd there was a convergence of Maiden tee shirts, it was like a history of maiden most tours, albums and incarnations of Eddie were represented and all of them vaguely sweaty, I know as I was pressed between Maiden shirts for many hours!  Not a bad experience though.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be squashed anymore, it happened.  Music, lights, action, surge forward.  But there is nothing like it.  The first few bars of a set are totally the best moments in the world and Maiden bounced on to stage, looking every bit as good as always and Bruce gets better with age, I wish I did. 

An interesting choice of tee shirt Mr Dickinson, ‘Psych Ward’, had they just let him out for the show.

The set was interesting as my best and me pined for ‘Run to the Hills’ and out favourite 80’s classics Maiden surprised us with only playing their 00’s hits but this amply fulfilled our Maiden needs as they turned new-ish tunes into new Maiden anthems.  ‘These Colours Don’t Run’ being a particular favourite with both myself and the crowd. 

 Bruce showed his amazing, boundless energy as he ran, leaped and bounced around the stage so fast we could barely keep up watching him.  Although by this time I was firmly wedged off the ground my feet just dangling and I was just swept with the mass of Maiden tees in to some sort of bouncing Maiden oblivion, no idea where my friend had been swept off to but hey I would find her after, all that mattered was the music the atmosphere and Maiden. 

Eddie Rocks!

The Maiden back drops proved to be a real Eddie fest.  He appeared in may different guises and themes, until he eventually appeared on stage playing guitar.  Eddie Rocks.  Someone once told me Eddie started life as a fish tank, if anyone know the story behind this please tell me in the comments boxes. 

Maiden proved themselves, honouring their past, proving their present and sweeping us into their future. 

And today we celebrate the release of ‘The Final Frontier’.  And lets hope there is nothing Final about it.

And for anyone who feels they missed out with out the 80’s classics like ‘Run To The Hills’ it was played at Sonisphere by my favourite Glam Rock Marching band, Blaas or Glory.



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