The Devil Not on his Way to Georgia! But at Sonisphere.

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The Devil on hisway round Sonisphere

I suppose it is to be expected that somewhere at a metal festival the devil will be walking around surveying his empire (and this time I don’t mean Martijn, Delain, who has a kinda Satan look to him in a sexy way!).  But Lying outside my tent I did not expect to open my eyes and see him standing there, I mean I know I drank a lot of vodka and Redbull but hey this was no caffeine taurine overdoes induced hallucination, so I grabbed my camera to check it later to make sure!  

The thing I found most surprising about the Devil was that he is an Export Lager drinker I always had him down to be more of a Jack Daniels kinda guy. 

He had an interesting minion with him I guess brought with him from hell.  Who according to his tee shirt disliked New York City some what! Strange I imagined the devil and his crowd liking it, but I suppose he would prefer Vegas otherwise know as Sin City.   J  I gotta go visit, sounds fun!  I hear there is even an English Beer Pub run by legendary rock guitar player Keri Kelli, Aces and Ales, and it is always interesting to see an American spin of a British theme pub. 

 Well I always thought it was Georgia that the devil was heading to in order a soul to steal, when he was in a bind and way behind and willing to make a deal, but possibly he was looking for another challenge not sure there were any fiddlers there though so may be he was going to duelling banjo (Blaas of Glory had a banjo play so maybe they needed to beware of challenging devils) or maybe a guitar there were definitely many of those who could play their guitars hard.  So was hell about to break loose at Sonisphere and was the devil about to deal some cards?    

And as Monty Python showed the devil does appear rather randomly:


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