Diamondogz at The Ship Inn Teignmouth Music Festival

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Just like Spring Break Florida, Teignmouth Music Festival takes place on a stage built on the beach.  Unlike Florida MTV beach parties at Spring Break there is not a guaranteed supply of sunshine or an endless sea of under age drinkers trying to blag a drink at the bar, in fact the general age is somewhat at the other end of the spectrum.  But never the less every one is up and dancing and getting involved and the rain held off even if the wind was a bit chilling straight off the sea. 

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 There is something about men in skin tight, spray on trousers, with absolutely no VPL and so this band did not disappoint, I have heard a rumor that his band prefer the commando approach to VL.  They describe themselves as spreading glitter across the country since 1993, this is true as they have the most amazing glitter make up, mad coloured wigs, the most fantastic Seventies over the top clothes and as I may have already mentioned some really tight trousers! 

And the music did not disappoint.  Sing along Seventies classic were in there abundance.  The audience showed their appreciation from the start, jumping, clapping along, singing, dancing and one guy in the front deserves special mention as he was jumping and dancing enthusiastically from the outset, although I do not know his name anyone there can not failed to have been impressed by his spirit.

 My favourite was introduced by Steve ‘lead singer’ Stardust, as “Our next song is by a song by T-Rex…… We Love Your Boobies.”  Well he gets full marks for tacky jokes.

 Tacky song titles is what made glam rock and the Seventies what it was!  They also covered the classic song from The Sweet ‘Little Willie’ which is like a tough twister by the end, and Crazy Horses, during which the female sing did an impression of riding a horse, I only hope she realised the alternate interpretation of this act as being discussed by the guys around the audience!

The lead singer Steve did a great job swopping between keyboard and harmonica and singing and looked as good as the last time I saw this band 15 years ago but I guess the wigs and the make up help cover all sorts. 

 I would totally recommend this band if you like a good sing along, a laugh and just go for ‘We Love Your Boobies.’ 

If you want to see the guys goto:



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